Thursday, February 17, 2011

Well, my first full day on these anti anxiety pills was an interesting one. Obviously the full effects have not set in yet, however, I have kept that buzzed, tipsy feeling.

I had about 3 hours of solid sleep, then waking up at about 2am, due to about 2 thousand possums running on my roof. I couldn't get to sleep after then (if the same thing happens tonight, I will make a post about it), and ended up actually cleaning up the kitchen. I did manage to get to sleep at about 8am, but my boyfriend kept waking me up with cuddles. I don't think that the same thing will happen tonight, as I'm so buggered at the moment, and I think my body just needed to adjust to the drugs.

The nausea has not been bad really. It only really effects me if I spin in a circle, or rock back and forth (duh). So yes, so far so good. I'm impressed by the lack of bad side effects. I did, however, fall over in my front yard this morning due to dizziness :/

Just to let everyone know, I'm on these pills for anxiety, NOT depression. Exercise doesn't help as much as it does with depression (although, it's not bad for me :P). I'm going to push my self slowly to get over my fears, like I did today, when I spent a whole 15min in a basement level food court in the city. Most of the time, I wouldn't even be able to go down to a lower level than the ground in a mall... now I'm ok with it :D

Also, on a small side note, my wisdom teeth are coming through. Luckily, I don't think I'll have to get them out. I had some minor teething pains, but they were reminiscent of childhood pains, and it's stopped now. That saves me a few thousand dollars!

I promise next post (if it isn't a 2-3am post) won't be about my medical mishaps :P


  1. Never heard of taking anti-depressants for anxiety. Do you also have some bentzoes?

  2. Oh man I got my wisdom teeth taken out at 16... worse two weeks of my life...

  3. Ouch. The most I remember from getting my wisdom teeth out is the PERCOCET!

  4. oh god! no not wisdome teeth...

  5. wisdom teeth hate those 2 words...

    pain in the ass when i got them removed