Friday, February 4, 2011

The myth of Equality.

(Just as a note, when I finally get my camera to work, I will take pictures of my throwing knife target and post them)

Equality is something we can all seemingly stand for. I mean, if we are all equal, we would have nothing to fight about hey?

But we are not equal, are we? I am a fairly poor person, meaning that I am often treated worse in stores and social gatherings, as opposed to richer people, who have status symbols such as a car and a nice house. And why are we treated differently? Because the other person has more money, in this case anyway. People don't even realize they're doing it.

But even then, just because I have breasts, I get free drinks at parties and am held the door open for. I, however, are not like most girls and will almost always return the favor.

Anyway, what I am pointing out is that equality is a stupid idea, that has no basis in the human Psyche or society what so ever. I treat someone who is rude to me differently to someone who asks politely... it's just how it's work. I know that you need to draw the line, such as giving everyone an equal CHANCE, but that is different to treating them equally as well.

People think that when someone treats someone differently, they can blame it on race or sex. But they can't. You have to blame it on the structure and teaching of society from a young age, to expect that certain people have certain jobs and certain ways of life. They may have had bad experiences in the past with a person of that race or sex, OR... OR, this is a good option, the person who is being treated differently... IS DOING A BAD JOB.


Sorry about that, but I'm sick of hearing about how a woman/man in a workplace is fired, she/he claims gender bias and it turns out that she was doing a shit job anyway.

Anyway, my main point is that equality is pointless in this society. People will ALWAYS have their own opinions about people who are a certain sex, race, or hold a certain religious or political view point. We need to recognize this to make sure we can, finally, look at each other and not see anyone as a particular race or sex, but as simply another human being.


  1. " I, however, are not like most girls and will almost always return the favor."
    I think this makes you incredible.

  2. Yeah, political correctness gone mad

  3. i read an interesting book for class (go figure) about inequality, and the gist i got is that theres nothing that can be done. it is so ingrained and institutionalized in our minds that it would take a worldwide revolution of thinking to change it. by the way, i love cynicism

  4. "Yeah, political correctness gone mad"

    i hate this equality stuff. we should preach tolerance not equality. people are different, lets learn to deal with that.

  5. I've thought about this a lot. I feel like equality is less about the victim and more about the advocates. It's some way of coping with the guilt and realization that they might actually be guilty of the same bias.

  6. Fully agree with Alans post.

  7. I don't agree about the job part, my gf is pregnant and can't seem to get a job anywhere, it doesn't mean she's doing a shitty job!

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  10. Thanks Nakuke... I'm already following your blog :D

    I'm not exactly rare... I was just brought up to not feel special simply because I have mammary glands.

  11. This reminds me of how certain African-American advocacy groups protested Resident Evil 5's release because it featured zombies in Africa. Meanwhile, Spanish people didn't complain about Resident Evil 4, and white people sure as hell didn't complain about the first three games. lol

  12. They really did that? I would expect them to complain if they Zombies were white when in Africa, or black in Russia or some shit... but really? That's just stupid.