Tuesday, November 18, 2008

a cocktail of drugs

with the recent news in, that a new vaccine for skin cancer has been developed, i have begun wondering if all these amazing feats of medical science are really worth it. there are things to "cure" or "prevent" almost anything these days. 

but why do people seem to worship these drugs and hail them as "miracle cures"? why do people not take preventative precautions, such as waring a hat in the sun to avoid skin cancer, instead of always relying on these "wonder drugs" right before they die?

such questions remind me of the sad truth that we are a society who values convenience and speed, who don't take precautions beforehand. this can apply to many situations such as simple as fast food restaurants. people don't have to cook, they can just eat and leave the waste on the table, floor, or bin (if they are nice). they don't think that eating a grease-ball burger everyday may cause them to get diabetes, obese and give them poor self esteem. 

i guess people just think these days you can take a pill and fix everything, i mean, they have had experience with pills before, such as paracetamol which almost immediately "cures" a headache. people now think you can take a pill to help you lose weight, and it will do it for you, even though the person probably wont exercise any more, or eat any less, which is what is needed for the pill to work.

it makes me wonder how, for hundreds of years, we have never really had the need for all these drugs. although, for hundreds of years, the human race didn't have the same problems. i mean, when have you heard of some ancient european (apart from royalty) becoming obesely fat and dying from diabetes. 

these amazing "wonder drugs" have ensured that we live longer, to pollute the earth even more. so where does natural selection come into it? remember those super bugs everyone is so scared of these days? they have used natural selection to combat antibiotics and have gone out, ready to infect the world, ensuring that natural selection goes on as it should do.

so how many of these drugs will cause super bugs, super cancer, super diabetes to form? how long will we survive on all these new and improved drugs that have been created to fend off some very preventable diseases? the lifestyle of today is very much driven by consumer's and convenience, so people expect we shall last off these drugs until THEY die. then they don't care. 

i think it is great, overall, that people have such powerful minds to create such drugs. i could not get my head around such science and i respect them with the highest dignity for attempting to save our population from the demise they so utterly deserve for being such a lazy society, driven by convenience, consumerism and self want. but people should realize that a pill or a vaccine is not going to suddenly make you better.

and people should also realize that natural selection is going to come into play eventually, get around the vaccines and cures and kill even more people. 

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