Thursday, April 30, 2009

The fall of the english language

The use of sayings such as "oh my god" and "like", usually in the context of "..and he was like...", shows the slow decline of the use of more articulate words to describe things, weather it be visual or emotional. This decline of the use of more descriptive words in everyday life is not the next step in the evolution of language, but the simplification of it to the point that no one will need to think about what to say, but to just say what is already programed into their vocabulary for the certain situations they encounter. 

It could even get to the point that when a person speaks at all, they do not even know what they are saying when they do speak, with such a loss of adjectives and verbs. Although things like nouns may not change as much, as quickly, eventually people, places and things will be grouped simply into a few words. Thanks to these changes in the english language, our lives have the ability to be taken over by an over powering, almost omnipresent force that will control our lives and creating our lives into more mundane existences. 

Through the loss of the descriptive parts of the english language, we will have a lot more trouble speaking up against forces we do not accept and demand not to be reckoned with. Forced to accept our almost inhuman fate of simply acting as a cog in the wheel of manufacturing for a larger power then ourselves, who's only face is that of the advertisements they pound out at us, the human race, or the future generations of certain countries, will have no knowledge of how to stand up for what is right and what is needed to be a human.

The loss of more descriptive and more aggressive language, specially used in the right context, along with this current generations loss of intrest in public happenings that are local to them and involve government altercations, will ultimately lead to the downturn of the human race into somewhat a machine, if anyone has the balls to take the opportunity to do so.

We must not lose our ability to describe or debate.


  1. I support anything that finds it depressing how often people use 'like' to describe something.

  2. I'm sick of it. It's why I try and avoid high schoolers on the train.

    I'm disappointed in myself, finding so many mistakes in this post... it is old though.

  3. Unfortunately, I'm guilty of saying both "Oh my God" and "Like" at times when I shouldn't. It became a habit whilst I went through high school (age 11ish-16ish in the UK).