Friday, November 14, 2008

the american invasion of Iraq in 2003

so, as the world is so often reminded, america is still fighting off an unknown enemy in Iraq. we are also reminded that there are several reasons, confirmed and unconfirmed, of why america, and many allied nations, such as Australia and the UK, are in Iraq.

so, now it seems, everyone has their own reason to why the invasion of Iraq occurred. it is maintained by governments the world over that it is to eradicate the taliban who where driven out of Afghanistan by western forces. it is also maintained that they wanted to get rid of Saddam Hussein, whom did not follow the orders from the US about oil and whom was such an evil dictator. 

so, america hates the terrorists, who "performed" the 11th of September terrorist attacks on 3 world trade centers and the pentagon in 2001. it seems that the entire invasion was based on "terrorist" attacks on america, where the explanations about the attacks where totally unfounded. only one of many of these examples is that the attacks on the pentagon where meant to be by a plane. so why was there minimal damage to the pentagon itself? why is there only a small hole in the wall and why are there no remains of the plane itself? it was claimed that it disintegrated by the aviation fuel, which is physical impossible considering the explosion did not last the 2 hours it would have had to, to disintegrate the plane, not including the engines. all footage of the attack was confiscated and only 5 frames where released to the public. and from these frames, no plane is visible. 

if they have nothing to hide, then why don't they just show the damn footage?

and they want to get rid of dictators? so far, they have rid the world of Saddam Hussein, who was the only one who could keep his country in order, despite his biological weapon attacks on his OWN people. ever since he was pushed out of power, Iraq has fallen into chaos. they have not been able to keep a leader and HAVE to rely now on western military help and aid.
but what about all the other dictators? how about Robert Magabe? he is still in power, yet he has displaced half of his own people, killing hundreds of thousands in the process. he has caused inflation to rise to the utterly ridiculous height of 231,000,000%. why are they not in there "stabilizing the situation"?

then there is the idea that america is in Iraq to secure oil. it seems to be the idea that keeps the masses in silent agreement to the invasion, but still marginally opposed to it. it gives us a reason to hate it, but to keep our dependance on oil, an easy resource to use, but not retrieve. its the thing that prevents us from finding alternative energy sources.


and now, the only reason that i support the Iraq invasion, is so that the situation can be mended and Iraq is able to handle things on its own. now that they have had to become dependent on the allied military presence, it will take a while to wean them off it. 

but no. the western world needs oil, don't they?

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