Friday, November 14, 2008

so.... what do you expect to read here?

well, from the title of my blog, it is easy to guess the general idea of why i am writing my thought and opinions, to be discussed with others. i want to ensure that people think about the things they see on T.V, not just mindlessly agree with it. people should always get a second opinion, if it be from a less biased news source or someone who is an expert on the matter. the problem is, people value convenience too much. 

so i challenge people to think and feel their OWN ideas about what happens in this world, from euthanasia to the invasion of Iraq. from religious differences to global warming. the things that make humanity what it is.

i'm not sure if anyone reads this, and as long as one person does, and thinks about their already cemented ideas about a certain thing, and realizes that there are other ways to think about things, then my goal has been reached. i just hope to purvey these ideas to a broader audience then just one person though.

you don't need a crowd to change the world. you need one person who can lead them

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